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Holistic Physiotherapy

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Holistic Physiotherapy: A Shift of Perspective in Health Care

This style of physiotherapy is a unique and evolving approach to health care today. The scope of physiotherapy in Canada has been slowly expanding over the past several years. In Western culture, we have been taught to separate health care between mental, physical, and emotional well-being. As a graduate of a Masters program 13 years ago, a lot of how I assess and treat patients has shifted. It is now integrated in some programs more awareness of the mental and emotional health that plays a role in our physical healing and vice versa.

At its core, our innate health and well-being has always been present, and we as health care providers are helping our patients uncover the stress, illness and conditioning from our physical body and society that keep us in a persistent cycle of pain or discomfort. With a deeper understanding of how the mind and body interact and communicate, we can change the way we perceive our injuries, pain conditions, stress to encompass a new light and a more inclusive approach into one’s wellness.

I am finding it more and more fascinating just how connected our mind and body are to one another and that the body is always speaking through wisdom to guide us in a better direction for healing. The holistic approach of physical therapy allows us to treat more individualized and with less separation from our psychology and physiology to help empower patients and work together in advocating for well-rounded, inclusive, and integrated health care models.



As a pelvic health and orthopedic physiotherapist, I can guide and facilitate the process of how to begin to connect to your physical body and help to shift the pain and stress through helping you understand to be curious and interested in the sensations in the body and allow the mind to open. We have created a culture where we think quick fixes and just having the knowledge of a condition is enough to make change. It really is not enough. Holistic wellness is allowing space in a treatment room, to be curious and listen, and continue to remain open to other shifts in our own awareness and begin to look deeper within each person and rediscover the wellness that lives within.

If you're interested in reading more on Holistic Physiotherapy, you can visit my website by clicking the button below. To help you explore in more depth and lead you to improved health and wellness, you can book an appointment by visiting

- Danielle

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