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Orthopedic Physiotherapy


This is a type of therapy that focuses on the rehabilitation of the skeletal system and associated muscles, joints and ligaments of the body.  This type of therapy uses a one-on-one approach to offer:


  • A diagnosis and education of the area(s) of concern

  • Personalized therapeutic exercise to improve strength, range of motion, and function

  • Instrument assisted and soft tissue mobilization; manual therapy techniques to assist in reducing pain and increasing range of motion

  • Therapeutic modalities including acupuncture


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

This is a type of one-on-one therapy that focuses on the pelvis and the muscles, bones and ligaments. These muscles offer support of the lower back, pelvis, bladder and bowel. The muscles of the pelvic floor play a key role in core stability, breathing and posture, as well as the support of the pelvic organs. The therapist is qualified to perform an internal assessment as appropriate.  


Pelvic floor conditions treated are as follows but not limited to:

  • Incontinence and prolapse – due to muscles that have become lengthened or weak over time

  • Sexual/pelvic pain and dysfunction

  • Pregnancy and post-partum– includes pre and post partum exercise, preparing for labour and delivery, C-section, diastasis rectus, and blocked milk ducts

  • Male pelvic floor conditions– includes post-proctectomy, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction


We know how vulnerable pelvic issues can be, and we want your healing journey to be as safe, nourishing, and positive as possible.

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